Research Fellows

Jimmy Wang


Tel: 631-274-4818 ext.110

Dr. Jimmy X. Wang , as a senior chemist and continuous entrepreneur his expertise includes 1) comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience in APIs, IPIs, formulations, analytic method validation development, animal and human clinical studies and protocol designs; 2) FDA compliance for DMF, DS, MF, OTC, ANDA, NDA regulatory affairs and GMP facility inspection, pre-audit, 3) solid & liquid dosage form development of specialty drug delivery system in the SEDDS technology field of formulation/process design, development, scale-up, optimization and process validation; and 4) managerial experience and leadership in R&D and operations. He successfully built up leading Nutraceutical Operations for the AHF companies 4 different locations and implemented the products development driven and cost-effective program.  Dr. Wang successfully managed and supervised scientists to develop and design various products for multiple compounds and formulations including more than 50 new products approved and sold in the US market and more than 25 new products applications still pending for approvals and will being introduced to the global market in 2020.

Dr. Jimmy X. Wang obtained BS degree from Nanjing Normal University in 1982, respectively, followed by MS degree and Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from NYU Polytechnic University in New York in 1991. Before studied in US, he was an associate professor in the chemistry department in University China. After graduated from NYU Poly, he joined with DuPont Pharmaceuticals as a senior chemist and then worked with a FDA Regulatory consulting firm as a senior scientist.  Dr. Wang is a continuous entrepreneur and founded the API company of MTC, Manufacturing company of AHF and Research Institute of SLS in Long Island.  Dr. Wang has more than 10 patents and over hundreds of publications and presentations. 

Peter Gao

Dr. Ping "Peter" Gao, Ph.D. 

Retired from Abbvie July, 2019 at the position of Center Director, Research Fellow, NCE-Formulation  
27+ years technical service at Pharmaceutical companies  including Upjohn, Pharmacia, Pfizer, Amgen and Abbott/Abbvie  
Scientific and technical expertise: biopharmaceutics property assessment and preformulation for tox and FIH, formulation sciences and manufacturing processes, enabling drug delivery technologies for poorly soluble drugs, biorelevant in vitro assessment of formulation performance for BA and BE, quantitative in vitro-in vivo relationships and etc.   
Inventor of formulation in marketed products: tipranavir (HIV) and dasabuvir (HCV) with high drug loading and excellent bioavailability
Inventor/co-inventor of 24 granted US/European patents and 25 patent applications.  65 publications including peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters, guest editors for Mol. Pharm. and AAPS J.  and 60+ invited presentations at NIH, FDA, national and international conferences, workshops and short courses, and universities. 
Elected as Fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in 2009. 
AAPS Physical Pharmacy & Biopharmaceutics (PPB) Section Chair/vice chair: 2012-2014
Education: Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University, IN, 1988 

Dr. Arati Deshpande is an experienced, solution-driven formulator with more than 18 years of experience in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. She earned her Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Rhode Island. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Arati has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the drug development process and is an expert in oral (solid and liquid) dosage forms as well as soft gels. She has developed and submitted many ANDAs to the US FDA and has successfully developed many formulations around PIV.  Arati also has experience in other delivery routes such as transdermal, nasal, ophthalmic etc.  She is a seasoned manager and a leader who excels in a high-stress, competitive environment, and a valuable addition to our team.

Arati Deshpande

Deva Peddi


Deva Peddi is an experienced, self and team-driven formulator with more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. He earned his Master’s in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) from Kakatiya University, Warangal, INDIA. He also earned a Master diploma in Pharmaceutical management from Indian pharmaceutical education and research institute, Pune, INDIA. 
Deva has  knowledge of all aspects in establishing R&D setups, costings and planning and system implementing from R&D projects to commercialization and  have a wide scope drug development process and is an expert in oral solid( IR/ER/ NDDS/Coated/Uncoated) and liquid( Suspensions , emulsions) dosage forms as well as  Ophthalmic and injectable dosage forms. He has developed and submitted many formulations to ANDAs, 505b (2), paragraph IV filings to the US FDA and has successfully developed many formulations for EU market, WHO market, Indian Domestic market. Deva has a wide range of experience in working with various CMO’s and CRO’s across the globe with USFDA and MHRA approvals. He has sound knowledge in Technology transfer, Project management of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Deva is the result-oriented, hardworking professional with dedication and an enthusiastic approach.

John Cavallo 

Dr. John Cavallo graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has many years of experience in the study of natural products and spices, he is the expert on flavors and fragrances. Now he is the R & D Director of SEDDS Technology Institute, American Health Formulations Co., Ltd.