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Cardiovascular Health


Ingredients: Coenzyme-Q10.


1. Helps cells produce more energy 

2. Supports heart health

3. Acts as an antioxidant helping protect from free radicals 

4. Helps reduce the signs of normal aging

5. Helps maintain normal blood pressure levels 

6. Helps boost the immune system

7. Supports the nervous system

Applicable Population: Adults.

SEDDS KrilPure

Ingredients: Krill Oil.


1. Supports overall health with Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA and powerful antioxidants.

2. Provides multi-system health benefits with much higher absorption than fish oil and without the aftertaste, side effects, or pollutants from fish sources

3. May be beneficial in the management of heart disease, high cholesterol, the high blood pressure, osteoarthritis,depression, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Applicable Population: Adults.

Bone & Joint Health 

SEDDS Super Joint

Ingredients: Glucosamine, Soybean isoflavone, Epimedium, Collagen, Chondroitin sulfate.

 1. Protects articular cartilage, synovial fluid, joints, soft tissue, and the bone joint connection

 2. Provides a full range of nutrition to effectively remove harmful enzyme joint cavity, inhibit inflammation, and combine with proteins to form proteoglycans;

 3. Stimulate the synthesis of new cartilage.

Applicable Population:
Patients with periarthritis of shoulder, Meniscus injuries, Patella Osteomalacia, Ankylosing spondylitis, External humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), Lumbar disc herniation, Osteoporosis, and Rheumatoid arthritis.


Brain Health 

Super Brain
Ingredients: Galantamine, Calcium ion, Zinc ion, Ginkgo flavone glycoside, ADS PS phosphatidyl serine, Huperzine.

1.Repair the cranial nerve -- Galantamine;

2. Stabilize brain function -- Calcium ion;

3. Stabilize Zinc ion -- Brain function;

4. Dredge the Cerebral blood vessel -- Ginkgo flavone glycoside;

5. Activate Brain cells -- ADS PS;

6. Protect the Cerebral nerve--Huperzine.
Applicable Population: Those with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson syndrome, Cerebral infarction, or Chronic brain fatigue.

Eye Health 

Eye Bright

Ingredients: Haematococcus extract, Safflower seed oil, Chrysanthemum extract, Blueberry extract.

1. Protect eyesight, prevent blindness, glaucoma, cataract, retinal hemorrhage; Improvement of myopia, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness, etc--Blueberry;
2. Prevent aging macular degeneration, protect the retina from oxidative damage in the absorption of light
--Chrysanthemum extract;
3. Supplement Linoleic acid(about 80%). The 50% of structural components of retinal neural cells is α-linolenic acid--
Safflower seed oil;
4. Act as the strongest natual anti-oxidant, 

 cross the "blood retinal barrier", repair oxidative damage of any part of the eye, quickly improve eye diseases--Haematococcus pluvialis;
Applicable Population: A variety of eye discomfort health.

Skin, Nail & Hair Health


Ingredients: Biotin, Folic acid.

1. Provide the precursor of the synthesis of vitamin C;
2. Supplement the essential substances for normal metabolism of lipids and protein, help to promote body fat burning, maintain the normal female figure; 

3.  Promote the hair growth,  help the lipid metabolism, enhance the immunity, protect the eyesight;
Applicable Population: Adult female.

Liver & Kidney Health

Super Liver

Ingredients: Thistle
1. Improve the acute or chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, metabolism of toxic liver injury, cholelithiasis, cholangitis and biliary duct inflammation around the liver, biliary inflammatory disease;

2.  Improve the symptoms in patients with liver and some biochemical indices such as serum bilirubin, prothrombin, alanine transaminase.
Applicable Population:
Alcoholic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, toxic mushrooms, cancer.



Ingredients: Haematococcus pluvialis (Astaxanthin), Gelatin, Glycerin.

1. Act as the Antioxidant;

2. Scavenge the free radicals, prevent the tumor, improve the eye discomfort and immunity.
Applicable Population: Adults.

Ingredients: SEDDS Resveratrol 100mg

1. Strong antioxidant properties

2. Promote healthy cholesterol levels

3. Support heart health

Applicable Population: Adults.